Privacy, Confidentiality & GDPR

At Talkology we take confidentiality very seriously and have a very strict confidentiality and data protection policy in line with GDPR regulations and fully adhere to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) guidelines.
All sessions are held in a safe, private & confidential, professional setting.

For more information on professional standards and guidelines visit:

Rare Exceptions: Confidentiality may be broken if you disclose to your therapist any direct involvement in serious criminal activity, such as being involved in a murder or plans to harm another human being or animals. Acts of terrorism, Direct involvement in Child Abuse or Direct involvement in Adult Safeguarding or Direct involvement Human Trafficking. The therapist reserves the right not to inform you they are reporting such matters to the relevant authorities, but would always seek advice from a qualified supervisor before doing so.

Your therapist is in regular weekly supervision with a private qualified supervisor, this is to ensure that the therapist is working in an ethical way in line with BACP and UKCP guidelines.

Supervision is a confidential space for therapists to explore any issue that comes up for them from the therapeutic space whilst working with others. If you have any concerns re this please ask your therapist who can provide you with more information re this process.
All therapy notes are kept on a secure database and anonymised as much as is possible. Clients will be given a rare code at the start of their therapy to ensure that they are not identifiable by anyone outside of Talkology.

No details are shared with any third party except by receiving the full written consent of you the client.

There may be times when the therapist may need to speak to a third party such as GP, Psychiatrist or another therapeutic practitioner. You will always be informed and your permission requested before any such event.

Terms & Conditions

From the beginning, we aim to take the utmost care of you by being as clear and transparent as possible about the way we work together, as such there have to be some rules.

At the start an in-depth assessment exploring your issues will be conducted with the therapist, this is to ensure that therapy is for you and that there are no current contraindications to you starting therapy. This is very rare but there are some exceptions.

If you decide to go ahead with therapy, you will be invited to sign up to a six-session initial contract, this will be reviewed in week five of your therapy to see if you wish to continue to longer-term psychotherapy. A detailed copy of these terms and conditions will be given to you at this stage.

At the end of the six week period, If you decide to continue you will be invited to enter into an open-ended therapy contract. This will be reviewed periodically to ensure you are receiving the best service and to ensure that you are happy to continue with the process. lt is best for endings to be planned to ensure for proper closure of the therapeutic process.

Each therapy session will last approximately fifty minutes = 1 counselling hour. Please try and be on time for your sessions, this is to be respectful to yourself and the therapist. It is recognised at times there will be exceptions.

Therapist Non-attendance: If the therapist is going to be absent you will be notified as early on as possible and there will be no charge for the session.

Client Non-attendance: If you (the client) is going to be away you will need to give the therapist a minimum seven days notice, failure to do this will mean you will be required to pay the full cost for your session. Any/All other non-attendance will need to pay for. This is because the therapist has to book the counselling room and will incur costs without appropriate time for cancellation.

Initial Assessments – First Appointments will need to paid for in advance via PayPal at

This fee is non-refundable and will cover the cost of your first session and the room booking and administration costs. You will be advised of the amount once you have agreed an appointment time and date with your therapist.

If you wish to take holidays or need a counselling break, please discuss this with the therapist.

The therapist will inform you if they plan to be away on a break with ample notice.

No therapy sessions will be held on or during bank holiday periods - You will be notified of dates.

Clients are requested to come to their sessions free of the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Therapy may be refused if the therapist feels that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Your therapist holds the relevant indemnity insurance.

Your therapist has regular weekly supervision to ensure that they are working ethically and they are receiving support and guidance from a qualified supervisor.

The therapist reserves the right to review the cost of therapy on a yearly basis - you will be informed of any intention to increase the fees in advance.

Cancellations Policy

Rescheduling Initial Assessments & Therapy Session Dates

All clients wishing to reschedule sessions must give a minimum of 72 working hours notice otherwise you (the client) will have to pay the full cost of the session even if you do not attend it. Your therapist will have incurred costs to book the therapy room. E.g. If your session is on a Monday and you cancel on a Friday or over the weekend you (the client) still have to pay for your session.

Clients who have booked an Initial Assessment who then wish to reschedule their appointment slot must give a minimum of 72 hours notice otherwise you (the client) will have to pay the full cost of booking a new Initial Assessment session. The cost of the Initial Assessment is non-refundable, if you fail to attend your Initial Assessment session you will not be refunded as your therapist will have incurred administrative costs to book the session and the therapy room.

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